Polina Kulikova

photo (c) Emil Matveev



 Polina Kulikova was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia. At the age of four she was given her first piano lessons and began to study at a music school in 1996. Two years later Polina entered the Ural Central Music School (Ural Music College) in Ekaterinburg, where she continued to study the piano with prof. Larisa Kutsenko.


In 2014 Polina graduated with distinction from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, having studied with Professor Vera Gornostayeva (and with assistants Daria Petrova, Sergei Glavatskikh, Tatiana Titova, Vadym Kholodenko). In 2016 Polina finished her post-graduate at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky conservatory.


Currently she is studying with Professor Vladimir Feltsman at Mannes School of Music in New York.


Polina has also taken lessons from the world-famous musicians such as Robert Hamilton, Haesun Paik, Paul Ostrovsky, Phillip Kawin, Alexander Korsantia, Susan Starr, Ewa Poblocka, Bernd Goetzke, Arie Vardi, Akiko Ebi, Dmitriy Bashkirov, Jerome Rose, Nikolay Petrov, Alexey Nasedkin, Naum Starkmann and Sergei Dorensky.


As a soloist and a member of piano duo Polina Kulikova won numerous prizes in international competitions:

  • First Prize at Jacob Flier International Piano Competition (2017, USA)
  • Third prize at the XX International Schubert Piano Duo competition (2017, Czech Republic)
  • Grand Prix and a Special prize in the International Kabalevsky competition (2017, Russia)
  • Semi-Finalist of the VIII International “Isidor Bajic” Piano Competition (2016, Serbia)
  • Semi-Finalist of the Chicago International Duo Piano competition (2016, USA)
  • First prize and five special prizes in the VI International Piano Duo competition (2015, Poland);
  • First prize, “Best Piano Duo” special prize, “Best performance of music by Taneyev” special prize in the V International Taneyev Chamber music competition (2014, Russia);
  • Second prize in the I International Gottlieb Piano Duo Competition (2014, Russia);
  • Winner of Piano Concerto competition “Crescendo” (2013, Hungary);
  • Winner of Chamber music competition “Crescendo” (2012, Hungary);
  • Winner of “Crescendo Summer Institute of Arts” festival (2011, Hungary);
  • Second Prize in the II International Piano Competition in memory of Vera Lotar-Shevchenko (2008, Russia);
  • Third Prize in the IV International Competition of young pianists in memory of Anna Artobolevskaya (2005, Moscow/Russia);
  • Diploma in the V International Tchaikovsky competition of young musicians (2004, Japan);
  • Diploma in the IV International television competition of young musicians “Nutcrakcer” (2003, Russia);
  • First Prize in the I Central Music School competition (2003, Russia) etc.  ​​

   As a soloist and a member of chamber music ensembles Polina performs in Russia, USA, Germany, Norway, Poland, France, Hungary, Japan, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands.


  • Since 2010 she has taken part in collaborative projects with Marcel Zwitser, Doctor of Musicology (Netherlands).
  • In 2012 she performed together with Franz Mohr, the head piano technician of Steinway&Sons (USA).
  • In 2013 she performed with the orchestra of the Crescendo Festival (conductor Delta David Gier, USA).
  • In 2015 she worked as a collaborative pianist in the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition.
  • In 2016-2017 she worked as a collaborative pianist at the Taneyev Music School in Moscow.
  • In 2017 she was invited as a teacher to the International Crescendo Summer Institute in Hungary.